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Vincent M. Valvo


December 2011 – Agility enters the association management business with the Mass. Society of Enrolled Agents. Since then, association management clients have steadily grown, with organizations such as the PennJerDel Bank Marketing Association, the Oregon Mortgage Association and the Missouri Association of Mortgage Professionals.

January 2012 – Agility Resources Group announces its first conference, InPractice -- The Practical Practice Management Conference. We now produce more than two dozen conferences and seminars annually.


July 2012 – NAMB -- The Association of Mortgage Professionals, asks Agility to re-invent and re-invigorate its national conference, resulting in a ten-fold increase in attendance and a five-fold increase in revenues.

February 2013 – We move into new offices and expand staff. Our conference business grows across the nation..

January 2014 – Agility begins providing specialty meeting and conference services to corporate clients.


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We are not a consulting firm. We are an action company. Our only goal is to get you to yours. We spend a lot of upfront time finding out what your objectives are. Then we spend a lot more time mapping out innovative plans to get you where you need to be. And then (and here's the best part) we do the work to get you there.

​We've all been part of the "consulting team" syndrome. That's when outsiders come in, talk to a few folks, then leave a "study" with conclusions that are often either simplistic or impractical. And even when the ideas are good, they're left for already overburdened staff to try to implement -- and often fail.

​At Agility Resources Group, we bring to you the resources to get the job done. We don't recommend any course of action that we can't implement ourselves. In the end, this makes sure that we're not just spouting off to look good. It's going to be our job to deliver what we promise.

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