the marketers who wanted
​to better serve their market

The PennJerDel Bank Marketing Association – the leading organization for marketing professionals at financial institutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region -- partnered with Agility Resources Group LLC in a collaboration designed to expand PennJerDel’s offerings to increase educational and networking opportunities for financial marketing professionals throughout the area, and strengthen PennJerDel’s communications initiatives.

“Our association has a rich, 30-year history of providing quality programming. But as the economy advances, and as technology and competitive changes affect marketing strategies, we see an opportunity to become an even more important resource for financial industry marketers,” said PennJerDel President Alletta Emeno. 

​To help in that mission, the PennJerDel Bank Marketing Association enlisted the services of Agility Resources Group LLC. “We don’t want to be an association that’s satisfied with the status quo. Financial marketers expect more from us,” Emeno added. “That’s why we’re so pleased to team up with an entrepreneurial organization like Agility Resources Group. We’ve seen them in action, and we’re excited about the passion they bring and the ideas they want to try.”

the mortgage pros seeking
​a bigger and better association

The Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals wanted to broaden its appeal, expand its mission, and be more relevant to its members and community. That's why it turned to Agility Resources Group. After bringing us on board as the association management company, the group was re-branded as the more inclusive Oregon Mortgage Association, a new more functional website was launched, and a new conference was created, the Great Northwest Mortgage Expo ( The conference was produced from conception to inception in just under 90 days, and brought in more than three times the number of attendees as the organization's last large event.

the association that wanted
​to take several steps forward

The Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents is a 400-member strong organization of IRS-licensed tax professionals. But, like many small, volunteer-led groups, it was struggling to present the professional image it wanted for itself and its members.The leadership of Agility Resources Group stepped in to help. We created new, professional email communications vehicles for the Society. We upgraded its meeting notice and registration system to an efficient online service, resulting in more attendees, higher collection rates, and more efficient reporting for continuing education credits. We helped modernize the Society's publication, and worked to secure sponsors and advertisers, bringing in important non-dues revenue.

the marketing group
that was looking for an edge

The New England Financial Marketing Association is a robust group of bank and credit union marketing leaders, as well as the advertising agencies and other service companies that support them. NEFMA gathers three times a year for important, education filled conferences. But it wanted to do more, and establish a respected awards competition and event that would spur members' competitive edge, would introduce the organization to non-members, and would bring a spotlight onto how much marketers do for their banks and credit unions.

But awards competitions are labor intensive, and NEFMA needed dedicated help to solicit nominations, run a juried selection process, create a dynamic awards celebration, produce a gala dinner -- and do it all without exposing the organization to financial risk. That's why it chose Agility Resources Group LLC. We presented NEFMA with a plan that showed it how it could accomplish its goals, showcase the association as the voice of the marketing community, and walk away with a guaranteed profit.

the 'show me' state that
​wanted to be shown something

With big changes through the organization, the Missouri Association of Mortgage Professionals wanted help, but they were hesitant and wanted to make the right decision. Agility Resources Group was brought on to be the association management company for this group as it looked to reshape its future. We helped it re-organize and control its finances, improve communications with members and begin building out a new slate of networking events to connect it more closely with the mortgage community.

The News Group That HAD TO GET
A New Handle On The News

When Rhode Island Media Group realized that it needed a new approach to the news at its Woonsocket Call and Pawtucket Times daily newspapers, it turned to Agility Resources Group. We helped them map out a new approach to newsgathering, and created a better way to allocate their editorial resources. We also managed the process of hiring a new editor to oversee the changes and to drive valuable new content into these venerable publishing properties. 

The STARTup That wanted an education in marketing

With new education requirements imposed on tax preparers by the Internal Revenue Service, a pair of entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to create an online school -- Top Tax Training -- offering informational and continuing education classes. They knew what they wanted to create, but turned to Agility Resources Group for help honing their message. We worked with them on the company name and choosing the right logo, and then helped them define and execute an ambitious marketing campaign that put them on a path to profitability just months after launching.


In Connecticut, there are several sizeable bar associations. Since attorneys in the Constitution State aren't obligated to join a bar, each one must compete for members. The Hartford County Bar is the oldest bar association in the nation. But it wanted to make sure its future was as storied as its past.

​That's when it turned to Agility Resources Group. It wanted to create an event -- a tradeshow and conference all rolled into one. At Agility, we helped hone in on the idea that the event should concentrate on building a better law practice -- not about being a better lawyer, but being a better manager.

​Together, we built InPractice Connecticut. It was a unique approach -- a new conference that would include a broad array of event partners (such as legal administrators, law firm marketers, in-house counsel, and more), that would appeal to law firms of all sizes, and that could be marketed throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts. But it would be more than that: we also built a website that would be a central storehouse for ideas on law firm economics, and created a push email system to get the word out to lawyers.

The result: the Hartford County Bar Association is able to provide its members with more beneifts, become more attractive to lawyers in a broader geography, and bring in substantial additional non-dues revenue -- all without adding a single staff resource.

finding a home for growth

The Great Recession hit a lot of industries hard, but the mortgage profession found itself in particular straights. The Connecticut Mortgage Association decided, though, that it didn't want to just accept declines as inevitable. It wanted to reposition itself as a leading voice in the world of mortgage origination.That's why it asked Agility Resources Group to step in, contracting management of the association to us. We created a unique approach for the group to be able to fund its administration, while laying out multi-pronged plans to add services for members, bolster the membership ranks, improve communications and enhance the organization's public image. We created a new name, a new logo and a new functional website, and helped turn the organization into the state's most inclusive, fastest growing mortgage trade group.

The bank that wanted
to reach other banks

​Large banks have economies of scale that allow them to build and offer a variety of services to their customers. But many smaller banks need to buy access to those services -- such as coin-and-currency deliveries, international wire transfers, low-cost and quick check clearing. For many community banks, that left them facing the prospect of having to buy such services from the big banks they were competing with. (Kind of a like a local weekly newspaper having to buy its printing from the big daily paper it competes against.)

That is, unless there's a great alternative. Bankers' Bank Northeast is an institution that only deals with other community banks and credit unions. This way, its customers know they're dealing with someone like them, a bank that is tied to its community (other banks), and isn't in business to compete against its customers, but to help them be the best they can be.

As Bankers' Bank Northeast readied to greet its 15th anniversary of supporting community bankers at their best, it wanted to insure that it was staying at the forefront of its customers' thoughts and needs. It wanted to be more creative in its marketing reach. It wanted to bring new life to the way it explained its offerings. And it wanted to try new approaches to show its support of community banks and credit unions, the institutions that stood by the side of Main Street businesses throughout the Great Recession.

That's why it turned to Agility Resources Group. We worked with BBN leaders and sales teams to conceive new approaches, to modernize its communications and to bring a new level of creativity to the bank that exists only to make sure other community financial institutions have everything they need to beat the competition.

The Association That Needed
​A New National Image

NAMB is the national association of mortgage professionals. But as the mortgage market changed, so too did the organization. It moved from one with a full staff to one run by talented and dedicated volunteers. Still, even the most committed volunteers have their limits, especially as their own businesses began heating up with a resurgent mortgage market.

NAMB's signature event is held annually in December. But the NAMB board knew it needed to do something different, something to both kickstart the annual conference and tradeshow and something to help relieve the board from the sales and day-to-day management of the event.

​Because of our work on other conferences and events, NAMB turned to Agility Resources Group. We proposed a thoughtful and creative plan to manage the show in tandem with NAMB, while giving it a way to easily afford to have a strong and dynamic sales team growing the event.

Agility worked closely with NAMB on educational content, new sponsors and exhibitors, and a schedule of events guaranteed to increase the attendee account. NAMB West -- now rechristened NAMB National -- is built as the nation's most important event for mortgage loan originators.

It's Not About Getting Good Ideas.

It's About Executing Them.

Trade associations need more members, and more member benefits. Companies need to get out in front of potential clients. Entrepreneurs need to get their message heard. But budgets are slashed, staff is stretched thin, and good ideas that can be executed are hard to come by.

Unless you've got an ingenious partner. One who thinks innovatively. And who can take on all the tasks of making things happen. A partner who's creative, competent and...agile. Our experts have worked with firms, with trade groups and with individuals, and we've delivered on our promises. In fact, we guarantee it. If you want to expand your organization, but need an outsource solution to keep your payroll costs in line, talk to us. We'll work with you to determine your objectives, and then present a free evaluation about what can be done to get you to your goal.   


We M​ake
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