In finance, the topics are substantial and the clients are, too. At American Business Media, we reach industry leaders directly, and give them tangible news and ideas. When you want to be in front of an audience when they are at their most thoughtful, you need to be in one of these many successful and sought-out industry publications.

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American Business Media produces magazines, newspapers and digital offerings to targeted audiences and niche industries throughout the Eastern United States. These business-to-business publications reach professionals from Maine to Texas in the financial, real estate, legal and CPA sectors.

American Business Media connects leading trade associations with their members, providing enterprising editorial content and engaging communities. By partnering with a variety of trade associations and business groups, and working as agents of The Warren Group custom publishing, our media and advertising group produces magazines, newspapers, online media and comprehensive trade shows. The publications and events we represent provide highly targeted marketing opportunities for those seeking to reach decision making professionals in banking, accounting, legal, real estate and construction.


Bankers across New England turn to bi-monthly, Banking New England for essential news, information and analysis. Executives and managers rely on the magazine for vital information on how to better service their customers, how to efficiently run their institutions and how to grow in a challenging economy. Advertising in Banking New England will give you a significant advantage within this competitive market and it will increase your market share in New England. Position your message in front of approximately 350 financial institutions throughout New England and over 6,000 bankers – 90% whom are executives, vice presidents, and department managers.

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New York is the banking and finance capital of the country, and one of the largest financial centers in the world. Its institutions have an impressive amount of deposits, assets, wealth and power. Banking New York is distributed to 7,500 readers at 240 banks throughout New York state, and it serves CEOs, presidents, CFOs, vice presidents, compliance officers and a variety of specialists. You can promote your products, services and solutions within the pages of New York’s own quarterly banking publication. In partnership with the Independent Bankers Association of New York (IBANYS), the magazine’s reach and coverage is more extensive than ever, and you will directly reach the top financial executives. The industry looks to Banking New York as a valuable and dependable source of financial information, and our mission is to provide decision-makers at all levels with the facts, research, and analysis that keep them at the top of their game.

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Directly reach the CEOs, presidents, executives, directors, managers, and specialists within almost every credit union in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and Connecticut. We inform more than 9,000 high-level credit union and related industry professionals in 280 credit unions across the three states. Credit unions have grown into a powerful force in New England, and our coverage area boasts over 13,000 employees with nearly $25 billion in total assets.

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Banking Mid Atlantic is one of the most widely distributed banking magazines in the country, reaching more than 15,000 bankers at hundreds of banks and credit unions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Executive level bankers throughout the Mid Atlantic region rely on the local, in-depth content. Exposure in Banking Mid Atlantic allows for complete coverage to a variety of decision-makers in almost every bank in the state. This is your direct route to get your message in front of successful C-level financial executives. Using a targeted marketing program, you can connect with the leaders of the banking community to increase your market share and grow your business.

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Connecticut's original, oldest and most read banking magazine is distributed to approximately 2,000 bankers at 68 banks around the state. The most influential bankers in the state turn to this quarterly publication to get insider industry news and insight into the latest trends. Each issue covers the association’s business and events and includes insightful articles from industry professionals and analysts.


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American Business Media’s partnership with the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) provides unmatched access to a highly-regarded group through various media and advertising opportunities. The majority of our association members are partners, presidents, CEOs, executives, and department managers with authority to purchase and approve an array of products and services.

Within our CPA network, advertisers can reach an audience of thousands of CPA professionals through our magazines, E-Newsletters, Website Ads, digital publications, conferences, and events, as well as customized creative marketing services.


Mortgage Industry PUBLICATIONS

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In an often confusing and fraught era to be a mortgage origination professional, there's one dedicated source of news, data and opportunity. That's Originator Connect Magazine. This quarterly publication serves as the official magazine of the Originator Connect Network, a national coalition of more than 100,000 of the top home loan professionals in the United States. 

With insightful articles, top contributors and engaging graphics, there is no other mortgage industry publication that can match Originator Connect Magazine. Delivered in print at many top conferences and events and digitally to the inboxes of the most successful mortgage pros in the country, Originator Connect Magazine reaches nearly a quarter million readers with each issue.

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